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The charm of our air separation equipment was released in the 115th Guangzhou spring exchange exhibition in 2014.

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In April 15, 2014, the 115th large-scale machinery and equipment exhibition opened ceremoniously at the Guangzhou fair. Shenzhen Yihe Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Hangzhou oxygen group are all dressed up to attend the exhibition. As a leading exporter of air separation equipment, Shenzhen Yihe Technology Co., Ltd. demonstrated the world's leading air separation equipment, hydrogen production equipment, carbon dioxide production equipment, hydrogen peroxide production equipment and our company's steel mill production line equipment exported to Indonesia.
The company's exhibition to broaden vision, open ideas, learn advanced, exchanges and cooperation-based, make full use of the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, with customers and distributors to exchange, communicate, just talk, to further expand the company's reputation and influence in the same industry, but also to further understand the products of advanced enterprises Characteristics, in order to better improve their product structure, to play their own advantages.