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Our company has officially become a distributor of the compressor in Southern China, China, which is authorized by Samsung Group

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Shenzhen Yihe Technology Co., Ltd. officially became the general agent of compressor sales authorized by Samsung Group in South China in 2011. Our company distributes and wholesales Samsung brand centrifugal compressor, screw compressor, piston compressor best-selling industries and enjoys a high position in the industry. The company and a number of air separation groups. Iron and Steel Group, petrochemicals and agents have established long-term and stable cooperative relations. Shenzhen Yihe Technology Co., Ltd. distributes a wide range of centrifugal compressors, screw compressors, piston compressors, reasonable prices. Shenzhen Yihe Technology Co., Ltd. has won the trust of our customers with its strong strength, credit, contract abiding, product quality assurance, multi-variety business characteristics and quality first, customer first principle.