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Liquefied Natural Gas Project

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YIHO has been engaged in the development of purification, separation and liquefaction of natural gas, coal-bed gas, coal gas, various furnace or chemical tail gases, etc., providing services including process package design, equipment kitting, EPC or turnkey project contract, trial-run guidance and personel training. 


With continuous development of international market in the past 20 years, YIHO has completed dozens of air separation plants and natural gas liquefaction plants over the world. To meet the requirements of international customers, air separation plants and natural gas liquefaction plants are designed and manufactured according to ASME, API or CE certification.






● LNG Plants & Related Systems


■Recycling Nitrogen Expansion Process LNG Plant
■Recycling Nitrogen & Methane Mixture Expansion Process LNG Plant
■MRC Process LNG Plant
■CNG Expansion Process LNG Plant
■LNG Station (including CNG filling station)
■LNG Terminal (including LNG wharf and tank farm)
■LNG Storage Tank
■LNG Trailer
■CNG Station
■LNG Station
●LNG Technical Features
■YIHO can provide a variety of liquefaction process technology to meet the different market demands in different areas or regions, such as MRC, DMR, Liquefaction by Differential Pressure, Nitrogen Expansion with High & Low pressure, Nitrogen Expansion at High & Low Temperature, etc.
■Customized solutions by clients' specific requirements, namely comprehensive liquefaction technology packages, can be focused and provided.
■Optimal technical solutions, for the sake of energy-saving purpose,  can be introduced to match the client different need.

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