Engineering Overview

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We are engaged in the field of international plant-engineering contracts, including project design, export of the whole set of equipment and technology, as well as contracts of EPC and Turnkey projects, mainly such as air separation plants (for producing oxygen, nitrogen, argon etc), gas projects (natural gas reforming H2 plants, CO2 recovery plant), H2O2 plants, Cryogenic liquid storage tanks (for LOX/LIN, LCO2 etc), metallurgical engineering construction projects like steel plant (rolling mill, steel-making plant, etc.), and steam power plant (coal fired or refuse incineration). We also undertake projects of environmental treatment.


Up to now, we have successfully completed the construction of a 1,000,000t/a angle and round bar rolling mill and a 500,000t/a H-beam steel rolling mill, a 30MW coal-fired power plant and a waste incineration power plant, a NG reforming H2 plant and a CO2 recovery plant. Moreover, we have so far built in Indonesia all-liquid air separation plants sized as 20,000NM3/H, 7,000NM3/H, 5,000NM3/H, 3,500NM3/H, 3,200NM3/H, 2,000NM3/H, 1,200NM3/H, 1,000NM3/H, 600NM3/H and high-purity N2 plants. A 172MMSCFD NG liquefaction plant and a 2,000,000T/Y LNG receiving terminal are under construction. Every year we have several air separation and gas reforming projects to be completed in Asia and Europe, including auxiliary facilities like heat exchangers, air or gas compressors and DCS control systems.


YIHO's rapid development relies on our team of experienced engineers, especially supported by the renowned R&D institutes and companies as partners like China Southwest Chemical Design Institute, Liming Research Institute of Chemical Industry, China United Engineering Corporation and Hangyang Research Institute, etc.


Thanks to our good commercial reputation, with considerable funds and credit, and advanced technology, YIHO has made outstanding achievements in the field of exporting whole sets of equipment and technology. Every year, we have several large-scale projects to be completed in Southeast Asia, as well as in other parts of the world.

Project engineering